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Thomas Easley

Thomas Easley is a self-taught artist whose successful career spanning 30 years and three continents has taken him from the snow capped Sierras of his childhood to the verdant hills of England, the canals of Venice and the banks of the holy Ganges in India. Each location has provided Easley with insight for his inquisitive mind and inspiration for his blend of painting styles and techniques.


For Thomas, living in Europe meant studying the techniques of the Old Masters. In England he refined his skill as a classical realist, specializing in miniature paintings along with illuminations and portraits. An election into the Royal Miniature Society in the mid-1980’s is a testament to Thomas’ passion and dedication to perfecting his craft.


In Italy while studying Canaletto and Guardi he used glazed oil modes to paint large-scale architectural landscapes, floral still life, and nudes improvising a distinctive blend of pencil, chalk and watercolor techniques.


Subsequent travels to India, a country rich with mysticism made him delve into dimensional realism, surrealism and allegorical works.

It is the applied knowledge and the development of his wonderful skill while studying abroad which today gives Thomas the confidence to meld traditional styles with new; to create a blend that is uniquely his own. Rather than a signature image, Easley’s works are recognized by a signature style. Using layered and modeled acrylic paint on board, a rich vibrant images is created, it is bold and life affirming.


Since Easley’s return to the United States, he has focused his passion on creating wine still life paintings that are reminiscent of the warmly lit rich style of European masters and energetic roosters filled with attitude and elegance. It is in his wine paintings where the color and texture in the background builds upon the romance and emotion of the subject. The senses are encouraged to drink the wine and taste the fruit. His is a painting style encompassing impressionism, realism, abstract, miniaturist detail and often surrealism to create an image all his own – undeniably Easley.



Charles and (the late) Diana The Prince and Princess of Wales, England
Thomas / Nancy Hoving Author/ex-director Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, U.S.A.)
Patrizia Gucci Gucci (Florence, Italy)
William and Rebecca Purves former-president, The Bank of Hong Kong
Christopher de Hamel author, Southby's manuscript expert, (London, England)
Arrigo Cipriani Owner, the Original Harry's Bar (Venice, Italy)
Irvin Kershner Film Director (London, England, Los Angeles, California, USA)
Kathy Brynner New York, U.S.A.
B.K. Modi President- The Modi Group (New Delhi, India)
Alan Ayckbourn Playwrite (Scarborough, England)
Lewis Gilbert Film Director (London, England)
Erica Jong author/poet (New York, U.S.A.)
Samir and Meera Jain The Times of India, (New Delhi, India)
Stanley and Lisa Weiss Washington, D.C.
Ceci and James Earl Jones New York, USA
Villeroy & Boch Villeroy & Boch Porcelain, Frankfurt, Germany
Dr. Karan Singh Maharaja of Kashmir, India
Scott Erickson Major League Baseball Pitcher
Jamie and Karen Moyer Major League Baseball Pitcher and The Moyer Foundation.



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