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Luis Sottil Foundation

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The Creator of Naturalismo...

Luis Sottil offers us an appreciation of Mother Nature in a new art form called "Naturalismo".  The first time you meet Luis Sottil, you know where his paintings come from; vibrant, alive and inquisitive, his art is very much an extension of himself and his love and appreciation of nature.  Born in Mexico City in 1959, Sottil was raised in Tampico, Mexico, an area rich in beautiful natural resources.  Sottil's childhood was that of nature itself, surrounded by the beauty of the plush tropical interior of his native country.  Was it to be an extension of his environment?  To unlock the full appreciation of the artist and his work, one must realize that his paintings are derived from Sottil's desire to represent Mother Nature in an art form that could bring together the essential values of intensity and serenity of life. Such contradictions of values manifest themselves simultaneously only in nature.  With his purpose to reconcile these values, Sottil combined two important components and in 1989 named his unique technique "Naturalismo".  The first component in the "Naturalismo" process is the use of a rich coat of gold leaf that serves as a background to each painting. The second component is the use of natural pigments from many different sources such as vegetable roots, mother-of-pearl, minerals, and the rare cochinilla beetle shell found only in the tropical, humid, high altitude areas of Mexico.  The result is a spectacular blend of nature's innocence and romantic sophistication not found in other works of art.  Luis Sottil states "Naturalismo" creates the same mood and intensity that the movement of the sun creates in nature.  By emulating nature, I have come to realize a new awareness of the beauty of nature.  Since we live in a time when so much is taken for granted, my paintings offer an uncomplicated, positive message.  Nothing is as important, beautiful, or as colorful as nature." Sottil's images are ripe with vibrant colors. Hues of purple, yellows, greens and crimson reds combine exquisite, pleasurable harmony.  You can sense the attributes of nature, whether it is the sophistication of floral color, the graceful movement of fish or the gentle playfulness of the animal.  Each painting celebrates and shares the exuberance of nature.  Sottil's art, maybe more than anything else, enchants.