Art and Paintings by Artists Wyland, James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, Dan Mackin,

David Garibaldi

It was not until high school, after walking away from a life of graffiti in the streets, that the performance artist, David Garibaldi, turned his hip-hop influences in a more positive direction. Now, only a few short years later, his message of "Living one's life as a platform," has touched the hearts and minds of the hundreds of thousands of people he has performed in front of. His show energetically mixes a six foot canvas, performance art and motivational speaker…with a little rock star thrown in for good measure.

From a Snoop Dogg concert to opening for the Blue Man Group, Garibaldi offers something special in his live performance "Rhythm & Hue," something that anyone from any walk of life can relate to and enjoy. Most recently, he painted a portrait of Carlos Santana during the half time show of a Golden State Warriors basketball game. To everyone's surprise, Santana came out and signed the work once Garibaldi had finished.

David Garibaldi's Disney Fine Art program is a fusion of the "Rhythm and Hue" performance art and his more controlled, studio work. The result is a strongly stylized character with the exciting spontaneity of his live, performance pieces. With Garibaldi's ability to make even the most classic figures seem somehow entirely new and fresh, his works are able to have one leg in classic iconography, while the other is clearly stretched far into the exciting world of modern art.

 Limited Editions

"Dressed in Green"


"King of Quack"