Art and Paintings by Artists Wyland, James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, Dan Mackin,

                            DAN MACKIN

“Everyone, at some time in their life, yearns to find their own peaceful paradise and escape from the demands of today’s hectic world.  In my work I try to offer the viewers a window to their own tropical paradise.  My paintings embody my desire to preserve earth’s fragile beauty and to encourage the harmony that should exist between people and nature.”

 For over 25 years, Mackin has captured his memories on canvas of exotic trips to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the South Pacific, Asia and the rain forests of South America.  Mackin began sketching and painting tropical islands and marine life in 1971 when his camera fell overboard during a sailboat trip. Having just returned from Vietnam, Mackin and a fellow Navy buddy took off from Newport Beach, CA, and headed south.  They ended up in Central America.

 “We bought this 24-foot sailboat together and had $235 between us,” says Mackin.  “We had a bunch of food but no engine, no life raft, no radio and no navigation lights.  We did it by the seat of our pants.”

 Mackin kept a journal of the day’s events and recorded what they saw with his illustrations.  Having also been a tour guide along the Amazon River, Dan became well acquainted with the fauna and flora of the tropical rainforest.  All of these experiences, along with his love for diving and surfing, have fueled his personal commitment—to capture the peace, tranquility and colors of the tropics and to give the viewer the feeling that you are “actually there”. 

 Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Mackin supported himself with a variety of mini-careers after earning his Master’s in education, all the while honing his skills as an artist.  In 1992, he began devoting his full attention to painting and since then has commanded $4,000 to $18,000 per original, as well as releasing limited edition lithographs and iris print editions.

 An award winning artist, Dan Mackin has done commissions for many corporations including The International Herald Tribune, the Ron Jon/National Kidney Foundation Pro-Am Surfing Festival, the Waimea Bay Contest Quiksilver poster, The Cleveland Clinic, The Sheraton Waikiki, the Maui Convention Center and the South Miami Chamber of Commerce.  He also designed the label for Shoal Draft, a microbrew made by the Indian River Brewing Company and has many images on greeting cards.

 Mackin is a staunch environmentalist who advocates limited development to preserve nature’s pristine beauty.  In keeping true with his desire to preserve the harmony that should exist between man and nature, Dan is painting an ongoing series on our National Parks.  Most recently, the South Miami Chamber of Commerce honored his depiction of the Boca Chita Lighthouse.  Additionally, at the Boca Chita Restoration Ceremony, the Superintendent of Biscayne National Park honored Dan and attributed his art for being responsible for bringing renewed awareness to our national parks.

 He has helped numerous charity organization raise thousands of dollars through his art donations, including The National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association, Save The Turtles Foundation, National Parks Foundation, Hibiscus House, Audubon Society and Habitat for Humanity. “If my paintings make you feel relaxed--- like you have escaped to the tropics--- hopefully you will get the message that we need to preserve, protect and keep it pristine,” he says.