Art and Paintings by Artists Wyland, James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, Dan Mackin,

 Cris Woloszak...Jaws of Fire

Born in Manhattan, NY, Cris and his family moved to beautiful South Florida when he was young.  The draw for his family was the tropical beaches and he spent much of his influential years at the beach.  At age 11, Cris started surfing; he would spend hours on end in the ocean waiting for the perfect wave.  With all the time he spent sitting on his board he witness the wonders of the sea.  He would marvel at the abundance of colorful marine life that played around him.  When he was 14 his family moved back to New York


Being away from the beach, Cris seemed to be lost…he found a new passion.  Hot Rods!  His father took him to the Lead East Car Show.  This was where he saw in person for the firs time a custom paint job on a car.  He said “I was blown away by a flame job on a �� Ford; it was a candy teal with ghost flames”.  Boy, do I need to learn to do that he thought to himself.  Like all teenage boys, Cris wanted to have a fast car.  His first was a �� Plymouth Road Runner.  It wasn’t anything close to the hotrods he was so enamored with it was more like a scene from Joe Dirt the movie but Cris still thought he was the bomb. 


When he graduated high school Cris threw his tools and surfboard into the Road Runner and headed back to South Florida to attend College.  This is where he met Billy “Big Z” Eich from Too Kool Kustoms; a highly regarded hot rod painter in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Cris was like a sponge learning techniques from “Bigz” then going home and trying it on anything he could lay paint on.  His style was soon honed and he was doing paint jobs for his friends.  Cris’ works soon got noticed to where people were seeking him to paint their cars and motorcycles. 


 One day he walked into an art gallery and saw a bronze sculpture of a dolphin.  He turned to his friend and said “Wouldn’t that look cool with a flame job on it”.  The light went on.  Cris would have his wife, who at the time was his girlfriend, who was an artist paint fish onto canvas and board and then he would flame it out.  One day he was helping a friend who was moving and had more things than he had room for in the moving truck.  There was a taxidermy bull shark that his buddy couldn’t take with him so he asked Cris if he wanted it, he said “sure”.  Right then he was planning out a paint scheme, candy red with gold flames.  It took Cris only one week to finish the piece and he hung it up in his shop.  Clients coming by would be amazed with the shark and many would offer to buy it.  This is when he thought, maybe this was his calling.  Cris purchased more mounts and went to town. 


A gallery owner who carries his wife’s work stopped by one day and saw the pieces and asked if he could purchase all them for his gallery.  Cris thought “this hanging in an art gallery, you must be nuts”, but he agreed.  The first piece lasted 3 hours on the wall before it was sold, the rest soon followed.  For the most part, Cris has given up custom paintjobs on cars and motorcycles and now works exclusively on the mount, creating eye candy collected by many people, including other artists and rock stars.